Affiliate Program

Earn 7-tier token bonuses

Join the affiliate program to buy tokens & start earning bonus tokens

Please allow up to 72 hours for KYC/AML email confirmation

Minimum of 12 characters long with a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numeric and special characters

Once you have signed up to the Zapaygo affiliate program, you can share your referral link. You are then entitled to a percentage of all tokens bought by people you introduce.

Bonus token structure

  1. 7% from first contacts.
  2. 6% from second tier contacts (people introduced by your first contact).
  3. 5% from third tier contacts (people introduced by your second contact).
  4. 4% from forth tier contacts (people introduced by your third contact).
  5. 3% from fifth tier contacts (people introduced by your fourth contact).
  6. 2% from sixth tier contacts (people introduced by your fifth contact).
  7. 1% from seventh tier contacts (people introduced by your sixth contact).
  8. 0% from eighth tier contacts (people introduced by your seventh contact).

Please note: You may earn bonus tokens without directly purchasing tokens, however to receive bonus tokens earned from the affiliate program will require a minimum $100 token purchase.

Bonus token structure

PLEASE NOTE: Bonus tokens are paid by Zapaygo and not deducted from token buyers who are introduced by affiliate members.
The chart below is only an example, there is no restriction on how many people you can directly introduce at Level 1.

How to buy tokens

Sign up to join the Affiliate Program

After you have received a confirmation email you can log in to your ‘Dashboard’ with the link provided

You can start using your referral link right away by copying the link provided


Follow the ‘Complete KYC/AML’ link from your ‘Dashboard’


We will send you an email when your KYC/AML is approved (usually within 48 hours from submitting documents) and you are then ready to buy tokens by Crypto or Fiat

Using Bitcoin or Ether to buy tokens – follow the Buy Tokens link

Using Bank Transfer to buy tokens – please select the ‘Bank Transfer’ link, then choose the appropriate account

Download the promotional materials for use in your campaigns. Your personalised referral link will be embedded in the materials

Please note: Whilst you can start referring straight away, you can only receive your referral rewards after purchasing $100 of tokens

Trusted Partners & Service Providers

The prices of virtual goods and products, like real goods and products, constantly fluctuate over time. Any currency, virtual or otherwise, could be subject to large swings in value and at any time might become worthless. As such, the value of your holding may increase or decrease over time or even go to zero.

Cryptocurrencies, tokens and other digital currencies are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and therefore do not offer recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

PLEASE NOTE, ZHT is a holding token that will be exchanged for ZAPS which will be the ultimate utility token that will be used as part of the Zapaygo RewardZ platform. ZHT’s “might” also be exchanged for other types of tokens in the future.

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