Zapaygo's Token Offering

Imagine being able to order your food and drinks as you are approaching a venue, not waiting in lines to order, pay and have your order prepared. Everything is just there ready for you to collect.

Ordering from your seat and not having to try and get a server’s attention or leave people and stand at a bar waiting. Orders can also be delivered to your home or workplace.

What’s more, you do not have to touch money, card machines, or stand for long periods in confined public spaces. Not only do you save time, but you also earn rewards and cashback.

You can do all this from a free, user-friendly app that allows you to pre-order from your favourite places.

Pre-order > Save Time > Earn Rewards

Bleeding edge rewards platform already built, on Blockchain.

Zapaygo Holding Token “ZHT”

  • Total Token Supply 10bn
  • Current Token Price (please see below)
  • The token price increases by $0.05 every Sunday
  • To buy any amount below £10,000.00 of ZHT please visit
  • Token purchases from any one individual and/or company over £10,000 will have certain lock in periods to be agreed on a case by case basis
  • Minimum token purchase via this site is £10,000 – please email [email protected]

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Zapaygo “ZHT”

ZHT is a holding token that is planned to be exchanged for ZAPS rewards tokens approximately the 4th quarter 2020 or early 2021 at a rate of ten ZHT to one ZAPS.

The ZAPS will be £10.00 to buy and ZHT are currently heavily discounted as pre-launch. THE CURRENT CLIMATE AND ZAPAYGO’S GROWTH RATE WILL DETERMINE THE ZAPS SALES AND OR LISTING DATE.

ZHT and ZAPS are utility tokens that are planned to be used as part of a blockchain rewards program and are NOT an investment.

Initially, ZAPS will be sold at $10.00, the holding tokens for ZAPS “ZHT”. ZAPS are a utility token that will have a redemption value of $10.00, meaning after buying one ZAPS it can be partially used as part of a transaction when purchasing goods or food and beverage with fiat to gain discounts of up to $100.00 (a whole token could only be used if making a purchase of $1000.00). The ZAPS tokens will first be sold via Zapaygo’s own website, and as the company grows, they will be listed on various exchanges.

Total Token Supply 10bn

Current Token Price $0.20

$0.15 on 31st May
$0.20 on 7th June
$0.25 on 14th June
$0.30 on 21st June
$0.35 on 28th June
$0.40 on 5th July
$0.45 on 12th July
$0.50 on 19th July
$0.55 on 26th July
$0.60 on 2nd August
$0.65 on 9th August
$0.70 on 16th august
$0.75 on 23rd August
$0.80 on 30th August
$0.85 on 6th September
$0.90 on 13th September
$0.95 on 20th September
$1.00 on 27th September


Planned listing date to be during the 4th quarter of 2020. ZAPS to be on various exchanges with a purchase price of $10.00

ZHT will be exchanged 10 to 1 for ZAPS, at the ZAPS planned listing date (10 ZHT = 1 ZAPS. ZAPS will have $100 redemption value in venues).

ZAPS by Zapaygo

ZAPS will ultimately be the Zapaygo Rewards Utility Token and will be listed, planned 2020/early 2021. ZAPS will be used via an already built bleeding edge tech Blockchain rewards platform.

All holders of ZHT will be able to exchange their ZHT for ZAPS, all ZHT lock-ins will carry forward to the ZAPS tokens.

Zapaygo has a legal opinion on its above mentioned tokens and available to high volume token buyers under NDA €12,000 or more.

A World Class Team

  • Steve Brice

    Prior to his appointment to AEG in 2008, managed t...

    Steve Brice

    Prior to his appointment to AEG in 2008, managed the corporate Hospitality, conference & banqueting transition for Arsenal football club from Highbury...

  • Mark Kelly

    A background in compliance most notably as Head of...

    Mark Kelly

    A background in compliance most notably as Head of Compliance for Coinbase in the UK. Interim Head of Compliance for eToro and currently runs Regulatory...

  • Rodney Prescott

    Rodneys specialties: Digital and Crypto Currencies...

    Rodney Prescott

    Rodneys specialties: Digital and Crypto Currencies, Blockchain, EFT payments, including ATM and EFTPOS,Usage Based Insurance, Telematics, Software Robotics,...

  • John Morton

    John has operated at senior partner/consultant lev...

    John Morton

    John has operated at senior partner/consultant level in major global consultancies and CTO for Fortune 500/FTSE 30 multinationals, with a track record...

ZAPS token potential redemption value

Venues & Brands using tokens as incentives.
Venues & Brands will buy tokens from Zapaygo and gift to consumers to encourage repeat visits/uplift in sales and reward early adopters and first-time users of Zapaygo. Example, someone who eats & drinks in a venue could receive the tokens as a ‘loyalty’ gift or to encourage a first-time visit (say 5-10% of meal value).

ZAPS will ultimately be the Zapaygo Rewards Utility Token already built with bleeding edge tech, Blockchain rewards platform.

ZAPS explained

1.         A customer buys 1 ZAPS token at $10.00 ( 1% of a ZAPS token will cost $0.10 ).

2.         When redeeming tokens in venues, one whole token will give a minimum $100 redemption value, meaning if a venue accepts a full token from a customer, it will need to provide $100 of value, in either cashback, discount, food & beverage or retail products to the recommended retail value of $100, or perks with a high perceived value agreed in advance with Zapaygo.

3.         If a customer spends $10 in a food and beverage venue that participates in the Zapaygo rewards program and offers 10% discount when ordering via Zapaygo, the customer will redeem 0.01 ZAPS to enjoy $1 of benefits.

4.         With the initial cost of 0.01 ZAPS being $0.010, using 0.01% of a ZAPS token saves $0.990.

5.         When redeemed, tokens always return to Zapaygo unless there is an agreement to let the venue retain tokens to use as incentives to gain extra custom, as long as people order and pay with Zapaygo. Once ZAPS tokens are redeemed, they are available to Zapaygo to resell again as demand requires creating reacquiring revenues for Zapaygo.

Zapaygo is working closely with Tata Consultancy Services for the provision of the blockchain rewards platform.

Smart contract audit etc.

Contract deployed at:

Symbol ZAPS

Description ‘ZAPS by Zapaygo’

Source code verified at: 

ERC20 token on Ethereum mainnet – total fixed amount 1 billion

All tokens sent to your address in the following transaction

Initial author


Customization and deployment by


Rewards Platform

ZHT Token Economics

Current cost of 1 ZHT:See schedule above
Total token supply:10bn
Secured ways to purchase tokens:Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), fiat payments

Token Allocation

Token buyers
Partner incentives and rewards
Liquidity and general corporate purpose
Zapaygo team

Zapaygo aims to create value for consumers by saving them precious time in the worst places to queue, e.g. sports & concert venues, busy cafes & coffee shops during working hours, and bars during the evening.

What’s more, when using Zapaygo, you will not have to handle money, touch card machines, or stand for long periods in confined public spaces. Not only do you save time, but you could also earn rewards and cashback.

It is estimated that consumers in big cities spend at least the equivalent of 7 working days per year ordering, paying and queuing. Zapaygo has developed technology that aims to resolve these frustrations.

Post coronavirus lockdown, when venues open their doors again, we believe there will be no better time for venues to promote and sell Zapaygo.

Venues could maximise their revenues while helping protect people from HAI’s. The platform is built with signed EPOS partnerships ready to roll out to venues.

A token that can be used for a wide range of products and services via Zapaygo's mobile ordering and payment platform.

By delivering value and benefits to consumers, merchants and brands alike, ZAPs create a perpetual ecosystem and community which in return will accelerate Zapaygo’s international growth and token adoption.

Zapaygo is not just an idea. The company has signed contracts with bank owned and listed companies in the sports and entertainment industries that can deliver users in the tens of millions.

Buyers of Zapaygo’s tokens will also have first options to buy Zapaygo tokenised bonds will give a percentage of international profits. Zapaygo’s key differentiator is its unprecedented partnerships and launch opportunities.


Discussing who pays & how much

Hoping to get a table

Standing in line & missing the show

The Zapaygo Way

There are 120,000 on-trade venues in the UK, we estimate a £27 billion turnover in wet sales alone. All payments companies are not competitors, they are complementary to Zapaygo as they will be a way to complete orders. Zapaygo users will be able to check out via payment methods such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, AliPay, Android Pay WePay, Debit Card, Amex and Credit Card.

There is currently no single application which offers a full pre-order and payment solution that has the luxury of the commercial opportunities now afforded to Zapaygo.


Discussing who pays & how much

Reserving a table & ordering a coffee from the taxi

Enjoying an in App game & the loser pays the bill

Reward friendships with Zapaygo

Earn bonus rewards by inviting friends to buy in our token affiliation program. Earn 7-tier token bonuses for each friend and their subsequent friends who purchases ZAP tokens. It’s a win-win for all!

Trusted Partners & Service Providers

The prices of virtual goods and products, like real goods and products, constantly fluctuate over time. Any currency, virtual or otherwise, could be subject to large swings in value and at any time might become worthless. As such, the value of your holding may increase or decrease over time or even go to zero.

Cryptocurrencies, tokens and other digital currencies are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and therefore do not offer recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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